Pouring Print


Our dosing aid offer various functions. For example, wetting of the wire can be avoided, the amount of flow may be limited or the tendency to splash can be reduced by the payment of aid and inserts spray. This is also why we offer a wide range of different solutions in relation to our caps.
















pourer mTK NW22

Pourer mTK NW22

also avaliable as:

pourer NW18; NW183,0;NW18/6,0

pourer NW22;NW22(o.M.)

different designs avaliable upon request


pourer type I NW28

Pourer type I NW28

also avaliable as:

pourer type II NW28 (length=16,5);
pourer type II ø 18,5 NW28(length=16,5)



pourer type III NW28 Pourer type III NW28



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